Phrase Master English

The Lexical Approach

Phrase Master English is a program for learning the most common words in the most common phrases. It's called the lexical approach, and it's based on collocations. Matching one of five words in three common phrases is a measure of fluency.

Every day students can test their understanding of nine new words in four vocabulary levels. Just click the 'Daily Game' button

After the game, type your name to record your score. Your score includes a time bonus and a row bonuses for three three matches in the same topic.

Students can prepare for tomorrow's games. They can see all the word choices and the phrases of those words. Registered students and their teachers can also review game results. They see which words they matched or missed. Teachers can see which words are best and least understood by the class and by individual students.

The program provides a fun, visual system to acquire a core vocabulary of 4,000 of the most common English words. If you can visualize a goal, you can achieve it. The Phrase Master game is the perfect complement to any ESL course.


Color Coded Grammar & Word Map

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